View Full Version : Errors in console when trying to include the charts package

12 Dec 2016, 8:15 AM
Take a look at this fiddle, (open it in the fiddle interface, then open the console and run it),
you will see many warnings about duplicate class names and finally an error:

[E] Ext.data.schema.Schema.addEntity(): Duplicate entity name "Ext.chart.legend.store.Item": Ext.chart.legend.store.Item and Ext.chart.legend.store.Item


12 Dec 2016, 8:27 AM
Not sure where but I've seen this. This is because Fiddle 1 did not support Cmd packages however we needed to use the charts package in Fiddle 1 and therefore we added the charts JS file to the list of assets for the framework so if you also check the charts package it will double load the same file. I cannot simply remove the charts file from the framework assets as that would break a ton of fiddles. So over the weekend was thinking of checking for duplicates in the final array of files that will be loaded and remove the duplicates. Not sure when exactly I'll get to doing that though.