View Full Version : Drag and drop in between panel and grid

3 Jan 2017, 12:03 AM
am trying to implement drag and drop from panel to grid.
in panel i am doing like this
onDrag : function(e){
var pel = this.proxy.getEl();
this.x = pel.getLeft(true);
this.y = pel.getTop(true);
var s = this.panel.getEl().shadow;
if (s) {
s.realign(this.x, this.y, pel.getWidth(),pel.getHeight());
},Now element is draggable. But i dont have any idea how to get drop element in grid. in grid i am trying to use plugin
ptype: 'gridviewdragdrop',
//dragGroup: 'dispatch.scheduler',
dropGroup: 'dispatchGroup'
},And on in listeners trying to listen drop event But i am not getting any result.
Give me some idea how can i implement it.

4 Jan 2017, 5:57 PM
There are several examples that you can use as a reference: