View Full Version : Sequential combobox focus bug?

23 Apr 2008, 12:23 PM
If I have two combo boxes in a row in the tab order, and I quickly tab from one to the next, after entering some chars, the list of matching items for the first combo appears attached to the second combo (where focus is now), and if I pick a value it goes into the second box (not the first combo, which initiated the combo list popup).

I'd like:
to see the first box not show a list if it loses focus, and have the second box wait for input.

I assume I can configure this with default config params, but have tried a few things, read the docs and forum posts; nothing is working thus far.
I'm prepared to extend and customize combobox if necessary but could use some help thinking thru which method(s) to touch.

see attached pic of problem..

Any ideas? or is this a bug?