View Full Version : TabPanel title attribute, QuickTips problems

14 Mar 2007, 2:36 PM
Part 1 of this may not be strictly speaking a bug, but it is a problem! Part 2 appears to be a bug.

Part 1: In Ext.TabPanel.prototype.createStripElements there is a template with the following line:

<span unselectable="on" title="{text}" class="x-tabs-text">{text}</span>
This always creates a title attribute on the tab; there appears to be no way to disable this. If QuickTips is enabled with interceptTitles=true, the tab gets a tip popup when hovered over. With interceptTitles=false, the title appears (in Firefox, at least) as a normal tooltip. Setting a qtip property on the tab has no effect. So it appears there is no way NOT to have some sort of popup when hovering over a tab.

Part 2: A closely related problem is how the quick tip works on bottom tabs. Since the tabs are (in my layout) right at the bottom of the browser window, the tip window can't appear in its usual position below the mouse cursor. It appears instead right under the mouse cursor (that is, with mouse cursor hot spot over part of the tip window), so the QuickTip onOut event immediately triggers (the mouse is over the tip window, not over the tab), then the onOver event triggers (the mouse is over the tab again), and the tip flickers on and off. Worse, with the mouse over the tip window, clicking does not trigger the tab click event.


19 Mar 2007, 6:13 AM
In the next rev there are two new config options. disableTooltips for TabPanel and disableTabTips for a layout region.

The alignment issue is on the list and I will be fixing it soon.