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27 Feb 2017, 2:40 AM
Greetings all.
I am interested in some guidance / opinions on how to re-organise our project code.

We currently have a relatively large front-end application that is comprised of a mix of java and javascript.
The javascript portion has been enhanced with sections coded in Sencha Architect ... and equates to a new project for each on-screen widget, dialog pop-up or inline tab that is opened.
Currently there are over 50 individual Sencha projects that are housed in a folder structure separate from the main application. After being worked on, these projects are then published to the main application location, from whence they are deployed into production. ( We have no choice in using Eclipse as the IDE for the main application - due to other project plugin / engine features )

You may appreciate there are certain "code management" challenges, with the ExtJs source separated from the main project source.
I was hoping to migrate these projects into the main branch to avoid this separation - is this wise ?

I have had a look at the Sencha Eclipse plugin - it does not appear to offer all the features of the SA IDE.
( visual aspects, widget properties interface, code structure MVC enforcement and similar )
( Only one main eclipse project can have the "Sencha Nature" - is that going to cause any issues, such as memory utilisation etc ?)

Do I migrate the external SA ExtJs source projects into the main project folders and then continue to use SA to access them externally to Eclipse, only never needing to publish any longer ?
Is there any way to run SA within Eclipse (avoid starting yet-another Java VM instance for each project opened)
Do I look at some other visual tool, such as VJet ?

I welcome suggestions and experiences in this regard.


27 Feb 2017, 9:17 AM
I am looking forward to the answers. I am in a similar situation where I inherited an application that the frontend is quite large and was started from one of the dashboard examples. I have been developing the new interfaces in SA then moving the code into the main codebase then using eclipse to "plug in" the new code. After that, any changes are done in eclipse.

For a long time I was just creating the user interface in SA and then doing all of the back end coding like actions, models and stores by hand in eclipse. I am a little less of a caveman I guess because I do most that in SA then move it over and just change what is needed in the base code to get it integrated.

I do use Cmd to test everything so I do not have to deploy it to anywhere to do the development. But there is going to be a second person helping with some of the coding and trying to get CMD into a git repo and back out is not working well.

I have considered re-creating the whole interface including the dashboard in SA. So far re-creating the dashboard in SA has scared me off.


1 Mar 2017, 6:14 AM
Currently there are over 50 individual Sencha projects

That's insane!

First stage would be to consolidate those ~50 SA projects in few projects, say 10 or less depending on how big each is.

I have some SA projects with ~80 views, ~110 stores and ~60 models which SA has no problem.

Currently there are over 50 individual Sencha projects
( We have no choice in using Eclipse as the IDE for the main application - due to other project plugin / engine features )


What other JS frameworks / libraries are using you? Is you app JSP/JSF based?