View Full Version : [FIXED] fields do not validate on blur

24 Apr 2008, 9:43 PM
autovalidate default is wrong (or doc is) and fields do not validate on blur - there is a ! not operator when I think there shouldn't be... either way, default implementation does not validate filed onBlur... only on focus (which I think is wrong and so how would you enable the onblur validation behaviour?)

Also, assuming a field becomes invalid - how do you then stop a form from submitting (or the button from actioning - or perhaps how do I detect that a field on the panel is invalid and therefore not continue the button action?)

25 Apr 2008, 6:45 AM
The fix for the validation on blur is in SVN. Thanks.

You can call isValid() on the form panel to determine the valid state of all components. You could use this to determine the state before doing any of your actions.

25 Apr 2008, 12:56 PM
Not sure if your fix got this related bug...

I have code with just allowBlank=false

The invalid squiggle line is shown when you first check for isValid but no circle-cross which has the reason shown. The second time you check for invalid, the circle-cross is then shown.

It seems to me the show/no show state is initiall wrong and does not show on the 1st time.

PS- Darrell, I think its a shame you've decided to have a paid-support SVN access during this so buggy period where my help is testing but yet I get no access to fixes (without paying you) or waiting till the next release - this model would make better sense after 1.0 is solid as then I'm paying for early access to rare bugs.

Not sure I feel comfortable with ExtJS business model (re bait-switch license and buggy 1.0 and going all commercial) and therefore I'm holding off buying anything to test the water so to speak - this kind of no commonsense approach to bugs and SVN is not helping....