View Full Version : Getting the selected value of Widget Coloumn in save button.

28 Mar 2017, 2:52 PM
I have Grid with selModel : checkboxmodel and also the grid is having widgetcolumn of type combobox. The Store of Widget coloumn is different from one used for Grid.

There is an save button in which i should be able to pull all the selected row.
var record = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#grdMyOrdersId')[0];
var s = record.getSelectionModel().getSelection();

The issue is with the getting the selected value of each ComboBox in Save Button.:-?

Winter Jack

6 Apr 2017, 6:57 AM
I did happen to hack around lil bit and was able to find the solution. a new field was added to the model. on combo box selected index change , the id is assigned to the newly added field.

Model1: Product
Store1: products
Model: Discount
Store2: Discounts


A new Field DiscountId is added to the product model and on grid.cmbBox.selected index change , the discount id from Discounts model is assigned to newly created DiscountId field