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27 Apr 2008, 2:30 PM
:D My First Ext Extension!!! :D

Its sorta similar to saki's Theme Combo (http://extjs.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25564) but it extends a menu rather than a combo box. It can change themes without page reloads, and supports themes that extend/require other themes (such as galdaka's xtheme-grey-extend).

* Theme Selection Menu
* By Antimatter15 2008
* i donno. gpl v3 maybe.

Ext.ux.ThemeMenu = function(config){
Ext.ux.ThemeMenu.superclass.constructor.call(this, config);

//this.plain = true;
for(var theme = 0; theme < this.themeconfig.length; theme++){
this.add(new Ext.menu.CheckItem({
text: this.themeconfig[theme][1], //text title
theme: theme,
checked: (this.themeconfig[theme][2]==true),
group: 'thememenu',
checkHandler: function(item, checked) {
if (checked){


Ext.extend(Ext.ux.ThemeMenu, Ext.menu.Menu, {

cssPath: "../theme/css/", //mind the trailing slash
themeconfig:[ //array of stuff
['xtheme-default.css','Ext Blue Theme',true] //t3h default
,['xtheme-gray.css', 'Gray Theme']
,['xtheme-gray.css,xtheme-gray-extend.css', 'Extended Gray Theme'] //this is an "extend" theme, it is applied over another theme
,['xtheme-darkgray.css', 'Dark Gray Theme']
,['xtheme-black.css', 'Black Theme']
,['xtheme-olive.css', 'Olive Theme']
,['xtheme-purple.css', 'Purple Theme']
,['xtheme-slate.css', 'Slate Theme']
,['xtheme-peppermint.css', 'Peppermint Theme']
,['xtheme-chocolate.css', 'Chocolate Theme']
,['xtheme-slickness.css', 'SlicknesS Theme']
,['xtheme-pink.css', 'Pink Theme']
,['xtheme-midnight.css', "Midnight Theme"]
,['xtheme-green.css', "Green Theme"]
,['xtheme-indigo.css', "Indigo Theme"]
,['xtheme-silverCherry.css',"Silver Cherry Theme"]
setTheme: function(id){
var theme = this.themeconfig[id][0];
var themes = theme.split(",")
for(var i = 0; i < 4; i++){ //up to 4 themes on top of each other
Ext.util.CSS.swapStyleSheet('csstheme'+i, this.cssPath + themes[i]);

}//end setTheme