View Full Version : Unable to launch Agent in Jenkins to test sencha application

19 May 2017, 5:02 AM

When tested locally stc command launches the browser and completes the tests. Used the following command to run the test.

stc run -p webdriverPool -s test/validationScenario
where the webdriverPool.json has the following content:

"browserName": "chrome",
"sencha": {
"concurrency": 1
"version": "58",
"platform": "LINUX"

and the workspace.json is as follows:

"name": "SenchaTestDemo",
"build": {
"dir": "${workspace.dir}/build"
"packages": {
"dir": "${workspace.dir}/packages/local,${workspace.dir}/packages",
"extract": "${workspace.dir}/packages/remote"
"tests": {
"path": "test/project.json",
"browser": {
"farms": [
"name": "Generic WebDriver",
"type": "generic",
"host": "localhost",
"port": 4444,
"pools": [
"name": "webdriverPool",
"path": "webdriverPool.json"
"archiveRoot": "/mystoragearea",
"archiveServer": "http://localhost:1903"

Pushed the code to Git and setup Jenkins to access app from repo. Configured Jenkins to run the same commands as above. But now the build is stuck at Launching Agent step. The console output is shown below

Please help me with the configuration as I am unable to figure out what I am doing wrong!

Related Information:

Sencha Test
OS: Ubuntu 16.0.4
Git repo - https://github.com/venu-gopal-vallepu/Sencha.git

Thanks in advance.

19 May 2017, 5:56 AM

Just to confirm, is the selenium server running, and does Jenkins have access to it?

19 May 2017, 9:25 AM
STC does requires a graphics environment. Try installing Xvfb and run "xvfb-run stc run ...".