View Full Version : Rhino / jslint and reserved words

16 Mar 2007, 7:25 AM

I use jslint on all my scripts, mostly to be sure it is valid on different browsers (IE/FF/..), and to force me writing good code :roll:


Not sure it's an issue, but jslint complains on the use of two reserved words :
- namespace (Ext.namespace...)
- to (for exemple in effects config)

the message is like :

Expected an identifier and instead saw 'namespace' (a reserved word).

I don't really mind them, since it doesn't prevent the code to work. But maybe it can be a source of problems in the future, or on some platform ?

22 Feb 2008, 5:58 PM
to avoid the jslint complaint in your own scripts Ext.namespace === Ext.ns. it's a convenient shorthand provided by the developers.