View Full Version : Struggling to download Sencha Architect 4.2 in 10 seconds

7 Jun 2017, 1:30 PM
So I'm trying to download the installer from the support portal and I get so far then my download just hanges.
After trying to work out why, it seems time is causing the issue.

The url has an Expires attribute, which when I look at an Epoch converter gives me the expire time.


I can understand having expiration on the links, but it seems rather short. from rough experimenting the expire time seems to be 10 seconds. In fact 10 seconds seems to be my allotted time to download this file.

Now I'm on a 80/20 (Mb) line so I'm used to things downloading quickly but a near 800Mb installer will take a bit more than 10 seconds.

I have logged out and logged back into the portal but I have been unable to get a full file after a dozen of attempts & more to work out the expiration time.

I'll try again in the morning or I'll wait for Architect to ask for the update.

7 Jun 2017, 2:29 PM
Please try also different browser because I don't have the same problems at home - it was downloading like 12 minutes without a problem.

8 Jun 2017, 12:14 AM
So after some sleep and another browser. it is happily downloaded. Chrome was asking for an update so might have been that.

Which is odd as why would a browsers version dictate the expiration on a link.