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7 May 2008, 6:16 AM
Hi Darrell,

When do you expect beta3 to be ready? Can you give us a glimpse of what things
will be addressed in this beta release?

Also, regarding my post earlier about performance. I did not notice on your roadmap this specific issue, although you did mention it is a high priority. When do you expect EXT GWT will have similar performance as its counter part, EXT... Is there a release number you are targeting for this? Obviously, this is a fairly critical feature as we are trying to determine if we just write JSNI wrappers over EXT-JS for components we need.


11 May 2008, 5:10 AM
+1 , same question.

I add that beta3 is required before release candidate , because there is a lot of major bugs in beta2

12 May 2008, 3:47 AM

I would be also very interested in a statement of the project lead about performance issues.

It would be nice to get information why the speed of gxt is much slower than the native ext js.
(maybe with background information what's going on in gxt in context of usage of ext js)

12 May 2008, 12:56 PM
+1 performance is whoa bad... but felt that "betas" often don't represent "release" from a performance point.... but would be good to know what is going to change to fix it (hopefully not another round of API changes !!!! )

13 May 2008, 5:00 AM
Hi Darrell , can you release quickly a beta3 with improve performance ?

14 May 2008, 11:40 AM
Most of the performance improvements have been around layouts. I think the performance gains are noticeable in the Explorer Demo. There are still place that need to be worked on but this should be done by the time 1.0 is released. Most of the performance problems are around Table which will be replaced with the Grid in 1.1.

hopefully not another round of API changes !!!!It would be hard not to have API changes with the removal of the EPL code and reworking of the data loading and store API to support the new binder API. However, this should be it for API changes. Beta3 will finalize the API.

Here is a look at the current API (http://extjs.com/playpen/gxt/beta3/docs/), including UML diagrams.

14 May 2008, 12:26 PM
Does this API describe what's going to be in beta3?
Will beta3 have ImageBundle support or is it again out of scope? :)

14 May 2008, 11:10 PM
release date for beta3 ?

18 May 2008, 3:29 PM
up , any release date for beta3 ?

18 May 2008, 3:53 PM
looks like being tomorrow... find Darrell on the freenode IRC and he should be able to tell you

19 May 2008, 5:50 AM
Grant is correct. Beta 3 will be available later today.