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19 Mar 2007, 8:10 PM

BorderLayout. Center Region. GridPanel. YUI-ext0.33--->Ext latest...

FF 1.5, FF2.00000+

Any widget with HTML INPUT element where you expect a cursor.. will usually not show a cursor when over top of a Grid Panel. Dialog's, LayoutDialogs, MessageBoxes.. all exhibit this. At one point, I found a setting I could hack.. in 0.33, a y-grid-wrap or something, changing the overflow to something helped.. but this is not a useful hack. I am frustrated by this. A client immediately commented about how the missing cursor was a must fix...

Anybody else experience this and come up with a fix to the CSS.. I know FF has been buggy for cursors in INPUT elements.. but this has supposedly been fixed in FF 2, yet I still get same behaviour.

If I drag the INPUT out of GridPanel, say over the title, or any other region.. the cursor appears pixel by pixel like magic..

20 Mar 2007, 10:58 PM
That's because this bug has nothing to do with Ext, it is a bug in FF.

One workaround I have found that seems to work in many cases is making sure the active dialog is the last element of the body.


Unfortunately because of other extensions to the dialog class, this can't be done internally.

21 Mar 2007, 3:27 PM

Okay fine.. we know it's a bug that has vexed the FF team for a long time, sometimes the cursor gets botched. Nonetheless, within a standard border layout, it is absolutely possible to position an HTML input element over sections of the layout and have the cursor work as expected, albeit those sections might not have a grid in them, they are simply a content panel or other empty space... The title region allows a cursor to work. Hence my question about the CSS.

If I stacked the onion skins of CSS container rules where the cursor worked, and did the same where it did not, I would be able to (hopefully) see the point at which the CSS rules break down for the cursor. A tedious task for sure (but much easier with Firebug's Inspect although I still have trouble with that puppy). It seems the FF gang will not be changing their engine any time soon, so it would be nice if some Ext users would assist in hunting this down.. that or what? We all switch to IE 7 or Opera on a PC?

Thanks for the tip Jack.. not sure it will help, but I might try it in an experiment anyway...

24 Mar 2007, 5:36 AM

use position:fixed inside the dialog body.

(Because this fixes the Problem, Jack may think about to set position:fixed internaly ...)

28 Mar 2007, 1:55 AM
There's a better solution now, see: