View Full Version : The version of architect is not supported V 4.2.0

22 Jul 2017, 8:57 AM
I am trying to upgrade or install in my new laptop architect version 4.2.1 without success, from support.sencha.com (https://t.co/JtbDFoO7FM) I can only download V4.2.0, why?

Some idea? They know any way to update architect manually?

I need this version (On my pc with MacOs and laptop whit Ubuntu distro work fine)

I get the following error when try to open the proyect with architect 4.2.0

Download from support only version 4.2.0

24 Jul 2017, 5:18 AM
Could you try to open the support portal in a different browser/ incognito mode?

I can see SA 4.2.1 there


Also if you need to quickly open your project. Edit the .xds file of your project, change the SA version to 4.2.0 and you will be able to open it