View Full Version : [2.1] Ext.ux.plugins.InvalidCell : Adding an error message to a cell in a grid

18 May 2008, 3:56 AM
By using this plugin you are able to add error messages to a cell in a grid.

company : "your favorite company error message" ,
price : "your favorite price error message"


and remove the error message when it's not applicable anymore.

grid.getColumnModel().removeError(record.id, 'company');


The attached file (http://rext.googlecode.com/files/Ext.ux.plugins.InvalidCell.rar) contains an example of how one could use this plugin.
Just drop it into the examples directory of your Extjs distribution, and everything should work just fine.

http://rext.googlecode.com/files/screenshot2.Png (http://rext.googlecode.com/files/Ext.ux.plugins.InvalidCell.rar)