View Full Version : ModalPane Masking in IE7 with Scrolling

20 May 2008, 6:42 AM
I noticed after upgrading to GWT Beta 3 the modal pane masking is now stretching the correct length of the screen. The only problem is that if I'm scrolled down on the page, the masking doesn't fit the window and take the scroll into account. So part of my page is left unmasked.

20 May 2008, 8:14 PM
How are you applying the ModalPanel? Can you include some sample code?

21 May 2008, 6:26 AM
The page I created isn't fit to the screen. It fills the div. The submit button is at the very bottom of this page. I'm not using a viewport, so I don't know if that plays a part in my problem. I'm adding LayoutContainers directly to the html div using RootPanel.get().add().

Here's how I'm calling the message box.
final MessageBox box = MessageBox
.progress("Please wait", "Please be patient while payment completes.",
"Processing payment...");
try {
// Mock progress
final Timer t = new Timer() {
float i;
ProgressBar bar = box.getProgressBar();

public void run() {
bar.updateProgress(i % 100 / 100, "Payment Processing");

i += 5;

// Mock finish
if (i > 200) {
} catch (Exception e) {
"There was a problem processing your payment. Please call 555-555-5555");
if (box != null)

21 May 2008, 6:28 AM
I've tried to trace this problem, and I think I traced it to the ModalPanel. I may have traced it incorrectly. I was assuming this was what was applying the mask to the entire page. My problem could be entirely different. It's definitely a masking issue though when the MessageBox comes up, it doesn't cover the entire screen when there is a scroll.