View Full Version : [FIXED] NPE When re-opening Dialog

21 May 2008, 5:19 AM
1) Go to http://extjs.com/explorer/#dialog.

2) Launch either dialog

3) Click the close button (x)

4) Try to re-open the same dialog.

I'm experiencing this same issue in my app.

21 May 2008, 5:55 AM
The default close action for Window is CloseAction.Close which destroys the window when closed. This is wrong, the default close action should be CloseAction.Hide, which allows you to open and close the same instance. MessageBox should use hide as they are only displayed once.

The default close action for window is now hide, message box is close. I have changed the code so a runtime exception is thrown if show is called on a destroyed window.

Changes are in SVN.

You can change the default behavior by calling setCloseAction:

simple.setCloseAction(CloseAction.HIDE);I have updated the

21 May 2008, 6:15 AM
Thanks, Darrell.

Worked nicely.. :)