View Full Version : how to insert a dialog with in a tabbed panel

23 Mar 2007, 12:32 AM
hi, i was trying for inserting a dialog within a tabbed panel. but its not working i don't why? i hope some one will know the solution for it. please help me in this regard.


23 Mar 2007, 5:12 AM
Since you didn't tell us I'm assuming that you're working with the latest "Ext 1.0 alpha 3 rev. 4" version as the older 0.33 and 0.40 etc. are all deprecated :wink:

The solution to your problem is in the docs: http://www.yui-ext.com/deploy/ext-1.0-alpha3/examples/dialog/layout.html

... and just in case you're still on the deprecated version then look here: http://www.yui-ext.com/deploy/yui-ext/examples/dialog/layout.html