View Full Version : Tests that login with client certificate

David Raines
18 Aug 2017, 6:11 AM
In Sencha Test, is it possible to write a test that logs into a server that uses HTTPS and mutual client authentication?

In the test scenarios we're trying to automate, we need to log in as multiple distinct users with different roles, to exercise a workflow in our application. In the official test / integration / staging environment, logins are done with client certificates. I'm trying to understand if Sencha Test could be used in that environment, or only in our nightly build servers, which can use username / password logins.

In Selenium its possible, but only by using an additional library called "AutoIt", that allows the test to interact with Windows GUI elements:

Is client certificate login as multiple users possible in Sencha Test, either directly with Sencha Test, or via some other workaround?


21 Aug 2017, 6:30 AM
Hi David--

There's nothing currently built into Test that would support this. However, if you were able to execute the necessary bits to run AutoIt from Node JS, you could use a WebDriver-based scenario, import a custom node module that does the necessary interfacing, and then proceed with your normal testing.