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5 Jun 2008, 6:33 AM
Hi all

I just finished a XMLGrid tha builds itself dynamicaly.
This code miss some functions like typing the columns or formating them.

This script have two components Ext.ux.DynamicXMLReader and Ext.ux.DynamicXmlGrid, i built them cos i didnt found any components like it, i just found one built by SteveEisner but it uses JSON as data source.

I hope someone wants it

Sorry my bad english ;)

The examples are working :)


/* Setando o nameSpace... */

* ----------- PORTUGUESE VERSION ---------------------
* Grid usada para obter os dados do servidor e
* apresent

30 Jun 2008, 4:18 AM
I have tried it in my project.There is bug in IE6. And I change the code below,it works in IE6.
//headerArray = headers[0].firstChild.nodeValue.trim().split(/[,|;]/);

because 'headers[0].firstChild.nodeValue' only run in firefox.