View Full Version : Docking border-layout panels with drag and drop

13 Jun 2008, 5:15 PM
Wow--I can't believe how long it took to implement this. It's basically docking functionality with the border layout. On this demo page you can drag the side panel to any side (top, left, bottom, right) and re-dock it:

I made this for myself, so if anyone has any interest in this sort of functionality let me know and I will decouple it and repackage it as an extension or plugin for release.

14 Jun 2008, 5:50 AM
hi illuminum,

first of all, it looks nice. as a small improvement suggestion, i would make regions only moveable on klicking the titlebar and give it on hover another mouse-pointer to see, that you can do something.

it's not exactly the same, but have you looked at:

that one is more of drag and drop with panels, but you could make empty regions invisible after moving out the last "tab". a combination might be really cool.

good work till now!

kind regards, tobiu