View Full Version : setStyle ... bug or am I doing something wrong?

2 Apr 2007, 12:10 PM
I have a center panel that contains an <img id='myImage'>

In the north panel I have a toolbar that when I click on a toolbar button I call setStyle to change the cursor that is shown when the cursor is over the above mentioned img.

I'm monitoring the style change with IE Dom Explorer in IE7.

So I get the element with:

var el = Ext.get('mapImage');

And then I call setStyle on it.

el.setStyle('cursor', 'url(resources/cursors/ZoomInToolCursor.cur)');

The first time I click on the button IE Dom Explorer shows me the following.


If I click a different toolbar button and then click the Zoom In button a second time I get this.


So, did I find a bug or am I messing something up?