View Full Version : Support Subscriptions question?

2 Apr 2007, 3:11 PM
If I buy a silver support subscriptions, I will get access to a private newsgroup but the info in this forum is will be available for all ext community (read-only) or only to members that buy silver support?

when start up the Premium forum support?

kind regards

2 Apr 2007, 8:41 PM
The Premium forum is available read-only to everyone, but only Premium members can post and receive expedited support. Issues in the Premium forum will generally be addressed directly by the support and core development teams soon after they are posted. The support plans do not "officially" begin until April 15th when 1.0 is released, but forum support has already started and turnaround should be pretty fast even before the 15th.

And if you purchase a support plan, your title will change to Ext Premium Member, which in itself should be more than enough to convince you of what a great deal it is ;)