View Full Version : Post a form in TabItem

4 Apr 2007, 1:50 AM

First of all I will like to thank Jack for his fabulous work.

I have an urgent problem to regulate. I will need your help.

I create a some TabPanelItem's in TabPanel as that is described in the example of documentation.

Each TablePanelItem contains fields of seizure and a form is englobing all the TabPanel. I would like to be able post the fields of the first tabPanelItem when I activate the second tabPanelItem.

I traversed the forum, I believe to understand that it is necessary uses the method formUpdate UpdateManager class then can be to make a refresh on the second tabPanelItem.

I do not arrive there, is there somebody will be able to help with an example of code.
The example which is in documentation does not help me, I am newbie and I do not understand all.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.