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4 Apr 2007, 2:30 PM
Here is something that has been bugging me and I don't know why it does this reaction.

When I put a div btn tag (Ext.Button) inside a form tag it calls my handle function everytime I hit enter on a combobox and when I move it outside the form tag everything works ok.
There is nothing referencing the handle from the combo boxes.

I can live with the button being outside the form and it could be some code that is conflicting but this is very basic. I thought I would just pass this on so if it comes up again I am not the only one.

Very Stange :-/

Here is some code:


///... Some combo boxes here ....

function clearSearch(btn){
form = Ext.get("search-form");
form.dom.family.value = "";
btn_search_resert = new Ext.Button("btn-search-reset",{text:'Reset', tooltip:'Reset Search Fields', handler: clearSearch});


<form id="search-form" class="x-form">
// ... form objects here ...

// If I put it here it calls my function on the enter key of my combo boxes.
<div class="x-btn" id="btn-search-reset"></div>

// If I put it here it works the way it should.
<div class="x-btn" id="btn-search-reset"></div>

4 Apr 2007, 3:51 PM
This will be fixed in the next release.