View Full Version : ext-all.css "overwrites" fontstyle

23 Jul 2008, 5:32 AM

i have experienced problems with the presentation of html code in HTMLPanels. any html code put in such panels is rendered as normal text.

my scenario: i use a GWT RichtextArea to write some text in the application. the text gets saved as html and is used in an HTMLpanel. the only "style" the panel shows is "underlined"

so i managed to go through to the problem:

em, strong, caption, .... tags are overwritten in the standardly used stylesheet ext-all.css

line 11


so i am really interested, what the hell this is used for?

any tips at doing this another way?

i wrote this in the category "bugs" because i consider lots of people wondering, why their HTMLpanel doesn't render html code, as they want it to. and imho setting back bold text to normal text is not really reasonable.

so, bug or not - how to create richtext and show it?