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7 Apr 2007, 4:52 AM
hi all
I have such problem with grid.
My grid automatically refreshes and sometimes I get Invalid argument error on line

var cid=cm.getColumnId(i);_19.push(this.colSelector,cid," {\n",cm.config[i].css,"}\n",this.tdSelector,cid," {\n}\n",this.hdSelector,cid," {\n}\n",this.splitSelector,cid," {\n}\n");}return Ext.util.CSS.createStyleSheet(_19.join(""));}});

7 Apr 2007, 8:16 AM
It's unlikely that anyone is going to be able help you based on posting a line of code with no context. Use Firebug to debug thru your process. Also you the ext-all-debug.js which isn't compressed. If you can't find the problem, then post a more detailed explanation with small sample that illustrates the problem, or link to a page.