View Full Version : Relative image paths incorrect in build

20 Sep 2006, 7:57 PM
The grid.css file uses ../images/...... for it's image inclusion. The standard says that relative paths in URL statements in CSS files is relative to the directory the CSS file is contained in. In the default deployment of the extension library, the paths look like this:


All of the .gif files are in the final path specified above. The grid.css file is in the yui-ext.31/resources directory. The URL statements therefore don't pick up any of the images because they're expecting the images to be in yui-ext.31/images directory.

20 Sep 2006, 9:30 PM
You are right. Those paths are the paths I use on this site and in my local development environment. I don't expect them to stay in the /resources directory. I can't guess what everyone's server setup is like so I expect the CSS paths will take a bit of tweaking.