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18 Aug 2008, 9:20 PM

19 Aug 2008, 1:51 AM
Hi, thnx, but according to the 3.0 prerelease-licence:

Pre-release code in the Ext repository is intended for development purposes
only and will not always be stable.

Use of pre-release code is permitted with your application at your own risk
under standard Ext license terms. Public redistribution is prohibited.

19 Aug 2008, 5:56 AM

But it would be great if the Ext-Team could make an execption for this ext3.0 feature :-).
I can't wait for the release (2008/2009) and it's a really nice feature for designing modern gui's.

19 Aug 2008, 8:52 PM

19 Aug 2008, 10:00 PM
If it's a custom plugin, is it still considered redistribution of alpha code?

i think we need a full time lawyer for this forum :D