View Full Version : Multi-sort support

20 Aug 2008, 5:26 AM

Is it possible to implement multi-sorting for table/grid columns in some way?

This is a "must have" feature for any advanced data table/grid.

20 Aug 2008, 12:59 PM
GXT (ExtGWT) has sort options for Table - you set them on the column.

There is no Grid widget, are you working on ExtJS ??

20 Aug 2008, 8:28 PM
Yes, there is a sort option but only for a single column.
Check GXT API for SortInfo class - it contains sorting information only for one column.
If I want to do multi-sort I need a list of columns which a user chose to sort. Also there should be some indication on table on screen showing to user information about sorted columns.
And there should be a way to choose all columns needed to sort in order before sending request to server.

20 Aug 2008, 8:32 PM
By Grid widget I meant the one from the GXT 1.1 demo preview. Looking at the demo it looks like there is still no way to do multi-sorting.

23 Aug 2008, 7:46 AM
Grid only supports single column sorting.

26 Aug 2008, 5:11 PM
Will there be multi sort implementation for Grid and Table in future?