View Full Version : draggable rendering problem

20 Aug 2008, 11:47 PM
I will start by listing my config:
GXT 1.0.2
GWT 1.5.1

I've come across a problem which may not be related to GXT but tho GWT itself. I simply used the sample code in the Draggable example, without changing anything anything. The rendering problem is that in the internal GWT browser (which is very old), the Direct Drag works fine (smooth), but the other two simply do not work (lots of visual bugs, no dragging). Is this a GWT problem (old JavaSript engine and other problems due to the fact that the version of the internal GWT browser is Mozilla 1.7.12) or is it a GXT problem? If the problem is with GXT, perhaps there is a chance it can be solved, because otherwhise all development with draggable has to be done outside of the hosted browser. Or perhaps Google will update the internal broser. We can allways hope. :-|