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22 Aug 2008, 4:44 AM
Hi all,:)

Iam using GXT 1.0. (gxt-1.0-RC1b.jar).
Iam getting a problem while dragging the windows.
While dragging the window, the window's content is show as blank and the window content appears after the dragging is done.

I tried setting the useProxy to false, but it didn't work.
The following is the code snippet

public class CustomWindow extends Window {
public CustomWindow () {
// Set common properties for all windows

public class ToolsWindow extends CustomWindow {
public ToolsWindow () {
// Set properties for tools windoe

public class MyWindows {

public myWindows () {
ToolsWindow tw = new ToolsWindow ();
Draggable d = new Draggable (tw);
d.useProxy = false;

Please let me know how to drag a window with showing its content.

Thanks in advance.

22 Aug 2008, 1:45 PM
I think that is just the way it works.... ?? /:)

23 Aug 2008, 7:44 AM
Yes, this is by design and preferred as window dragging is smooth and consistent as the browser does not have to repaint the content as the window is dragged.