View Full Version : Problem with Grid and BeanModel loading

28 Aug 2008, 7:32 AM
For some reason, when I load my BeanModels into the Grid (with a proxy, loader, store, etc) I can get everything to work properly in hosted mode (all of the data are displayed as they should be), however, after compiling and running in the GWT-tomcat, the data do not display at all. The loading mask doesn't even come up. I have noticed that in the GXT explorer, the BeanModelGrid does not display data.

Could these be related?
Is there an issue with running the grid and loading data when in compiled mode (and not hosted mode)?

Please help!

I FORGOT TO MENTION, I'm using the latest code from SVN, Firefox 3, Windows XP, GWT 1.5 RC1

29 Aug 2008, 8:13 AM
Disregard this!!! I found the solution.

I was not setting a layout for the panel on which I was putting the Grid.

Turns out the widgets behave weirdly when you don't tell them how to position themselves.