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30 Aug 2008, 5:48 PM
Hi All...

I am sorry to ask this question, but I have been banging my head against a wall all last night and so far all evening tonight trying to get GWTEXT to work in my dev environment. I just want to be able to use Eclipse.

But as I go through the wiki and other demos, I find that I am confused about what I am supposed to be installing and what it all does.

What is the difference between Gxt and GwtExt? I see GwtExt is at ver 2.0.3 while Gxt is at 1.0.3. I also installed the Cypal plugin for Eclipse but I am not exactly sure what it does.

I also tried to use the GWT aplicationGenerator to make an Eclipse project, and that worked fine, but once that was made I could not figure out how to ass Gxt/GwtExt to it so I could build it.

If someone would point me at some docs that just make clear what is what, I would really appreciate it, so then I would know which wiji entries I should be reading at least...

30 Aug 2008, 7:00 PM
GXT or Ext GWT is 100% GWT/Java project developed by ExtJs and based on previously available library called MyGwt.

GWT-EXT is an ExtJs derived project and developed independently from ExtJs. It uses an older version of ExtJs javascript library and wraps it with GWT/Java.

How to setup either of these libs in Eclipse is probably covered in the how-to tutorials for them, but regardless I would not try to mix these 2 libraries in the same Eclipse project (just for your own sanity sake mostly).

30 Aug 2008, 8:35 PM
Thank you very much, that all makes sense. My inclination then is to use GXT, but is there a comparison anywhere of the features of each?

31 Aug 2008, 12:54 PM
as of now, Gwt-Ext reflects fully ExtJs 2.0 javascript library, which is a bit more complete feature-wise than GXT. GXT has been catching up quite fast lately though, and it will probably match (at least from 80% stuff that most folks care about) ExtJs/Gwt-Ext sometime in the near future. At least that's my feeling.

31 Aug 2008, 1:58 PM
The funny thing is, I went down this road because I liked the date picker and time picker fields... I prefer to develop in 100% Java, so I'm going to play with GXT...

Thanks again...