View Full Version : [FIXED] Context menu breaks highlighting

31 Aug 2008, 10:38 AM
- GXT version
1.1 alpha 3

- Detailed description of the problem
In a grid when you click a row it highlights blue. When you mouse over another row it leaves the blue highlight on the previous item and does a grey temporary highlight on the row you're about to click and when you click the new row it moves the blue highlight to the new item.
That's all good.

Now when you select one row and then hover a new row it highlights grey and then when you right click (and you have set up a context menu) then the grey highlight doesn't disappear from the previous row.

Sorry it's a hard one to explain but try it, it's really easy to observe. What it looks like is the context menu is preventing the mouse up from being acknowledged by the grid so the greyness doesn't get told to go away. Only when you close the context menu and then move over and MOUSE OUT from the grey row does the grey disappear.

1 Sep 2008, 12:49 AM
I've pinned this one down further:

Set up a grid with a few rows.
Set up a context menu for the grid.
Right click on a row - it highlights blue and the context menu shows.
With the context menu showing move your mouse down and click on a row below and you'll see that the new row gets highlighted blue but the old row keeps its grey hightlight.
To prove it's an issue of the mouseout event now just mouse over and mouse out over the grey row and the grey disappears.

2 Sep 2008, 4:41 PM
Fix is in SVN.