View Full Version : [CLOSED] Grid + CellSelectionModel + SelectionMode.MULTI?

4 Sep 2008, 6:36 AM

GWT: 1.5.2
GXT: 1.1 alpha 4
Windows XP

Multiple selection doesn't work in the Grid componenet when using CellSelectionModel. (It works (for whole rows), when using the CheckBoxSelectionModel.)

Perhaps this isn't a bug, just that support for SelectionMode.MULTI hasn't implemented yet for using a CellSelectionModel and a Grid? Nevertheless, I need to know if it's meant to be this way or if support for MULTI is coming.

Code example; looking at the source for the CellSelectionModel class, it does not contain a List of selections, just a single one:

public class CellSelectionModel<M extends ModelData> extends GridSelectionModel<M> {

public class CellSelection {
public M model;
public int row;
public int cell;

public CellSelection(M model, int row, int cell) {
this.model = model;
this.row = row;
this.cell = cell;

private CellSelection selection;

9 Sep 2008, 7:48 AM
Multi selections are not supported for cell selection model as only a single cell can be selected at one time.