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13 Apr 2007, 1:03 AM
Hi, i've just tried extjs and I have to say that's a fantastic work!!!

I just encountered a small problem with both beta1 and beta2 concerning modal dialogs with Ext.LayoutDialog (tested on Firefox, but works in IE7).

When I open the dialog, the window is blured (normal) but also the dialog (which poses problem).

To reproduce the problem, just take the example "layout.html" in examples/dialog subdir, edit it, and add after the body tag:


<div style="overflow: auto">

(.... the dialog html : visibility:hidden ...)



When you click on the button, the modal dialog appears, but is disabled (blurred). It happens when the dialog is contained in a div with an overflow different from 'visible'

I hope you'll understand :)

13 Apr 2007, 3:22 AM
The dialog must be a child of the body element. Please give the forum a search, there are a lot of threads on this.