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8 Sep 2008, 3:21 PM
Hi. I just finished working on some GWT-Ext projects and have gotten fairly used to that. Now that GWT-Ext has seemingly died, I'm coming over here to try this out ;).

I realize that this doesn't have as many UI widgets available yet (e.g., missing comoboxes for now), but how easy is it to work with the other components?

I tried making a simple example Grid using an HttpProxy and it seemed to be quite confusing. In particular, the loads of generics parameters needed for everything was overwhelming and I could find no examples of how to use this (all examples seem to use a version, where no generic parameters are needed).

8 Sep 2008, 4:15 PM
I had a pretty full featured prototype in Gwt-Ext before making the plunge and moving over.

My initial reactions were that the APIs were a bit akward e.g:

You cannot directly set icons on toolbar buttons, therefore you cannot use image bundles etc.

The Event Handling seemed a bit more awkward too with no adapter classes.

However, after cursing wildly for several days and nights I'm pretty happy with it.

Darrel is very responsive and is doing a fantastic job and the code seems faster than the wrapper library that Gwt-Ext was.

Take a good look at the MVC architecture in the samples "Mail" and "Explorer".
This is a good way to structure your application.

Let me know if you have problems because now I've pretty much got a handle on Ext-Gwt and I love it!