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14 Nov 2017, 7:38 AM

I am a new bee to the Sencha test and have trouble setting up/running the test cases against my local application. To give brief background, we have an application which is non ExtJs application.

URL looks like – http://localhost:8180/xy/XCenter.do
I am creating In-browser test cases

I am trying to setup test cases against above URL but need some direction in using Parking lot Port, Proxy base port(not much information is provided in the documentation).

I have set Parking lot port to 8000, Proxy base port to 8180 and created a new test scenario to record using Event Recorder. When I launch the Event Recorder first time after opening the studio, browser opens up with URL http://localhost:8180/xy/XCenter.do but nothing happens after that. Event Recorder in Sencha test hangs at Launching. In few cases I have observed the port number got updated to 8181/8182 and see cross origin frame issue and can’t proceed capturing any events.

Error: Blocked a frame with origin " (" from accessing a cross-origin frame. at onFramesetLoaded (ttp:// at onload (

Any help in resolving issues is greatly appreciated. Thanks

14 Nov 2017, 8:57 PM
I'd recommend leaving the Sencha Test ports at their defaults, i.e. 8800 for Parking lot, and 8700 for Proxy. It sounds like your Sencha Test ports are conflicting with your local web server's port (8180).

Then, on your Scenario settings, set the Location (URL) of your app to http://localhost:8180/xy/XCenter.do.

When you launch tests in the browser, or use the event recorder, you should then see a proxied version of your app launched in the browser.

Hope that helps.

15 Nov 2017, 5:57 AM
Thanks Daniel, Appreciate your response. I update Sencha Test ports to default as you suggested, with scenario URL to http://localhost:8180/xy/XCenter.d (http://localhost:8180/xy/XCenter.do)o

Launching the event recorder opens up browser with URL
but getting cross-orgin frame issue

Error: Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a cross-origin frame. at onFramesetLoaded ( at onload (

Is there any way I can resolve the issue? Any extra setting required(proxy, reverse proxy on web service etc?)


15 Nov 2017, 4:24 PM
Does the page you're loading contain frames/iframes? If so, this will cause problems, because In-Browser tests are designed to operate on single-page apps (no iframes or page navigation).

I suspect if you have an iframe, the URL it's loading will differ from the Sencha Test proxied version of the app.