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11 Jan 2019, 11:47 AM
1. Create a classic project (triton theme) and add a tabpanel to a viewport.

2. save project to create and import files

3. click on the tab panel in the UI and then go to UI accordion and it says 'undefined' for ui...

when you add a custom ui then it throws an error.

[INF] -----------------------
[INF] Appending content to {pathhidden}TabBug\bootstrap.js
[INF] Writing content to {pathhidden}TabBug\bootstrap.json
[INF] merging 234 input resources into {pathhidden}TabBug\build\development\MyApp\resources
[WRN] Reference to undeclared variable $tabbar-background-color => {pathhidden}/TabBug/packages/local/theme-triton-5f50f1c5-ad2b-41e7-bbdc-1bac7eb4ec73/sass/src/Component.scss:3
[WRN] Reference to undeclared variable $tabbar-background-color => {pathhidden}/TabBug/packages/local/theme-triton-5f50f1c5-ad2b-41e7-bbdc-1bac7eb4ec73/sass/src/_architect_src.scss:3
[WRN] Sass compilation encountered 2 warning(s)
[INF] merged 1 resources into {pathhidden}TabBug\build\development\MyApp\resources
[INF] merging 22 input resources into {pathhidden}TabBug\build\development\MyApp
[INF] merged 1 resources into {pathhidden}TabBug\build\development\MyApp
[INF] Writing content to {pathhidden}TabBug\build\temp\development\MyApp\slicer-temp\bootstrap.json
[INF] Writing content to {pathhidden}TabBug\build\temp\development\MyApp\slicer-temp\bootstrap.js
[INF] writing sass content to {pathhidden}TabBug\build\temp\development\MyApp\sass\MyApp-all.scss.tmp
[INF] appending sass content to {pathhidden}TabBug\build\temp\development\MyApp\sass\MyApp-all.scss.tmp
[LOG] Build error for {pathhidden}TabBug\build\temp\development\MyApp\sass\MyApp-all.scss
[LOG] Fashion waiting for changes...

Build fails.

This happens in simple and complex layouts,and causes issues with themer also