View Full Version : Using Grid in BorderLayout Region

7 Nov 2006, 9:59 AM
I've got a page that displays a grid and works find standalone. If I try to insert that page into a region in a BorderLayout I get an alert that just says "Exception". I get this on both IE6 and FF1.x

Code I altered from feed viewer to show the page:

function showPage(region,link, title) {
var iframe = YAHOO.ext.DomHelper.append(document.body, {tag: 'iframe', frameBorder: 0, src: link});
layout.add(region, new YAHOO.ext.ContentPanel(iframe, {title: title, fitToFrame:true, closable:true}));
return false;

I did see one similiar refrence that mentioned setting a width/height/overflow on the div. I have done that.

I'm using .33 beta.

I just tested on a simple page with an iframe point to the standalone page. Works fine.

7 Nov 2006, 1:08 PM
:oops: ummm, I'm an , it was a typo in my link in my part of the app. Please delete this post.