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19 Apr 2007, 3:34 PM
Jack & Co.

Excellent work with the library... I just recently stumbled across this and love it so far, keep up the good work.

Documentation is superb.

On that note:

I'm no javascript pro, so forgive me, In playing with my new toy, I'm trying desperately to do a few things that will ultimately make or break my decision on purchasing a license through my company. *tax write off* :))

1: toggle

Ext.onReady(function() {
Ext.get('myButton').slideOut|slideIn('t', 'toggle' .... )

ofcourse, that doesn't exist, It's the best way to get my point across to you all...

So that with the lone "myButton" I can toggle the Element up and down at will., instead of two., I guess I could change the value= of that button on slideIn|slideOut ... /:)

2: Slide or define a "slide region" if you will, so that only part of the Element slides up/down

The best way to describe this is to show an example: http://71miles.com/

As an aside, in going thru all your documentation I think I may be misunderstanding

Class Ext.BasicLayoutRegion

... am I to understand that I can add dialogs to this "region" that has predefined "bounds" ?

So say, I have 8 collapsing / expanding dialogs - do they all line up within this Layout Region ? and if so, when I close (or hide) one of the dialogs do the other 7 readjust ?

Again the best way to describe this would be an example: http://atlas.freshlogicstudios.com/

(Note how all the dialogs except for the toolbox all seem to have a "Layout Region")

Hope I'm not being to vague.