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24 Oct 2008, 6:21 AM
I was trolling the forums the other day and was surprised that still no one has ported the Vista theme to Ext 2.x. Of course my company went into production with the Vista theme under Ext 1.x and preferred it over any of the other options when we migrated to 2.x, so I undertook the rather laborious task of porting the theme. We have been using the theme since we went to 2.x but I didn't post my work for a couple of reasons:

- The theme is not totally complete; I only ported the components we use.
- I presumed someone else would undertake the task of doing a more thorough job of porting the theme

I acknowledge that I should have relied on the rest of the Ext community to finish what I started, which is what I'm doing now all these months later.

To make amends for my tardiness in posting the updated theme, I am more than willing to help complete the work. I'm not nearly as adept at image manipulation as our friend Jack, but I can usually do the things I need to do with Photoshop, so when you come across an image needing updating and can't accomplish it yourself, please feel free to call on me to help!

I'm sure the css will need tweaking here and there as well, but at least this is a start, right?


24 Oct 2008, 7:51 AM
Any live example or screenshot?

Thanks in advance,

24 Oct 2008, 8:00 AM
Sorry, I work in the financial services industry and am not in a position to share much in the way of screen shots of our app, but give it a try with some of the Ext examples.