View Full Version : Ext.ux.sliderPanel

11 Nov 2008, 3:30 PM
This is an extension to create a panel with scrollable content using Ext's slider component instead of a browser scrollbar.

This class extends Ext.Panel, so any config options available to panel should be available and work fine. I am using the applyTo: config option to create the functionality, because it works best with my setup. It can also be accomplished using a combination of renderTo: and contentEl: config options, but I decided to go the other route.

The slider hides itself if the content is shorter than the height specified for the panel, which could be useful to know when testing.

This is really only meant to be used with existing markup, but it would be nice to have as a more generic component, if anyone wants to lend a hand (or if someone wants to integrate it into the official Ext distro, even better!!)

Anyway, attached are the source files, an example html page, and a simple screenshot. I tested on FF3, IE7 and Safari 3.1.2, and it all works great.