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26 Apr 2007, 9:04 AM

I am still learning using Grid component, and got some great help from this forum.

I got Grid to work quite well with parsing XmlReader - but only in Mozilla Firefox. When i try to open the same page in IE 7 - grid is not rendered. I tried to put alert('Loading') in Ext.onReady() but it doesn't even get to this in IE, while Mozilla is raising alert. Is this some known issue with IE?

Is there some predefined function for export, or i need to go through current xmlReader.xmlData to export it to csv?

And third question: can Grid disable column moving? I know i can set resizable: false to column, but how can i prevent column from being dragged and moved?


26 Apr 2007, 10:14 AM
1. Can you post some code - it's hard to guess.

2. Exporting to csv should be handled server-side - this has been covered in other threads.

3. You can add enableColumnMove:false to the grid config to disable column dragging

27 Apr 2007, 12:39 AM
Thank you Tryan,

I take back my words about IE7 and bug - it was my mistake. I was generating javascript code out from jsp dynamically and did not see that my column headers had an extra ',' which Mozilla handled correctly and IE did not. Anyway, now it all works.

I managed to disable column moving and resizing.

About export - i was "misguided" by current Rico grid exporting option, because i did not know that they were doing javascript export by using window.open and document.write for generating output. It does not help, so i will need to investigate server side export that you proposed.

Thanks again,