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9 Nov 2006, 11:01 AM
Does someone try to make work tabs panel, for which each tab item has a complex panel managed by Borderlayout.

In other words: I can not manage to put the feedviewer example in a upper tab panel.!!
. Is it the wrong way to do it? is it better to use ContentPanel??

Thank you for your help?

9 Nov 2006, 11:17 AM
If I understand you (and I'm not sure I do) then what you should be doing is making use of NestedLayoutPanel. The feed viewer example makes use this.

When you do this you use a combination of NestedLayoutPanel, ContentPanel, and BorderLayout.

9 Nov 2006, 11:54 PM
Thank you for your asnwer,

Let s if explain clear:

I Want to have the feedviewer example appear in different tabs. Let say i have 3 main tabs item (froma tab bar), and in each tabs i want to have the feedvieer example:
my code of the main page look like:

function initUI(){

var menus= new YAHOO.ext.TabPanel('menus');
var tabProcesses = menus.addTab('tabProcesses', "Processes");
tabProcesses.setUrl('path to the feedvieer.php example');

var tabCalendar = menus.addTab('tabCalendar', "calendar");
tabCalendar.setUrl('other path', null, true);


YAHOO.util.Event.on(window, 'load', initUI);

- Is it the goot way to do this?, or should i create a Main Layout, and Content Panel in it?
- Other question: whenever i want to add a layout X on a Panel that is added in a main layout Y, this layout X must be NestedLayout?