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5 Mar 2009, 4:07 AM
gxt: 1.2.3 (and all before)
browser: firefox 3.0.x (safari 3 and 4 works fine)
os: osx 10.5.6, vista

hi dev team!

i display a set of BeanModels (100-1000) in an EditorGrid. the width of the grid is smaller than all columns displayed, so it scrolls horizontally.

editing a BeanModel works fine on safari, but in firefox, when i click tab to get to the next field/column, then it starts with a very strange behaviour. i cannot go through all columns with tab. even clicking a field which is needs scrolling to be visible does not work. it starts jumping to other fields.

in larger data sets it often also occures that the currently edited row disappears...

beside these bugs, such grids get very slow. just scrolling is fast. resizing is nearly impossible. putting the bean models into the grid is also very slow.

i am longing for an active grid which just renders visible parts :-)

thanks for all your efforts,

regards, kht

5 Mar 2009, 7:38 AM
You need to post code that demonstrates this issue.