View Full Version : [FIXED] GXT 1.2.3: Grid Drag'n Drop with self as source

16 Mar 2009, 6:02 AM
I have following grid:

Grid datagrid = new Grid<ModelData>(detailsStore, cm);

final GridDragSource gds = new GridDragSource(datagrid);
target = new GridDropTarget(datagrid);
target.setAllowSelfAsSource(true);I am able to move row upwards without any problems, but downwards the row is place one step too low. And in case of last position the row disappears.

It looks like the item is removed from the detailStore at the start of the DnD. If the item is dragged to be the last of the list, the index is outside the list bounds and apparently an error happens silently and the item is not inserted successfully.

16 Mar 2009, 6:16 AM
The problem is somethign else but i have a fix ready and will be in svn soon.

1 Apr 2009, 4:17 AM
Fixed in SVN.