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23 Mar 2009, 7:11 PM

I needed a control to allow the user to re-order and edit a text list. I searched around and found no component to handle this "out of the box". Here is a ux control (based on the tree control for easy drag/drop implementation).

Purspose and usage:
The purpose is to allow for basic reorder, add, edit and remove functionality for an array of strings.

The control provides the Add,Remove,Edit,Up and Down buttons with options to config the details.

* use setList to load a list (or provide the list array as a config option)
* the user can update the list using drag drop as well as the toolbar buttons provided
* use getList to get the updated list back as an array

Note: This is my first ux registered control, feedback is requested.

Registered with the UX Repository.

Link to docs (in ux repository):

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