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27 Mar 2009, 10:29 AM
Hi all,
I am new to Ext-Gwt.
Can you tell me how can I listen for the onChange event on TextField component?
I have used GWT and there we have the onChangeListener and stuff.
Cant seem to find anything similar.

Thanks in advance,

30 Mar 2009, 2:26 AM

Please take a look in the javadoc for the TextField.

There you can find a list of Events that can be listened for TextFields.
The one you want is the Change event.

For getting it, do like this:

textField.addListener(Events.Change, listener);
Where listener is a Listener<FieldEvent>

Hope this helps you.


10 Apr 2009, 1:47 AM

i'm also a newbie in GWT and GXT.
I have also a question for the onChange event on TextFields.
For instance, i have the followed TextFiled:

TextField< String > user = new TextField< String >();
user.setAutoValidate( true );
user.setAllowBlank( false );

When i (the cursor) leave the field (without inputs), than the field is marked as invalid (red bubble). That's ok.
Now when i (the cursor) go back to this field and i input some character's (or only one character) the field is marked as valid without i (the cursor) have to leave the filed. Fine.

But the problem is, when the field is blank and marked as invalid and i use the mouse for copy/paste some text in the field, then i (the cursor) have to leave the field befor it is marked as valid.

So i have a different behavior for input or copy/paste text.
Have anybody a solution for same behavior in this case, or come any changes in the next GXT-Version 2.0 for event-handling?


10 Apr 2009, 8:43 PM
how can i change the ext tree node mouseout event,i mean when mouseout the node get the node,thanks